Become a LifeSaver


1. Ziploc Bag

Use a new 1-gallon Ziploc bag to fill with first-aid items

2. Fill Bag

Fill the bag with various medical supplies, see the list provided at the bottom of this page for ideas and suggestions.

3. Include Your Donation

A $7 donation is suggested per kit to help cover shipping and other project related costs. At the present time, we can only accept cash. Please place the donation in an envelope inside the bag. If you are putting together more than one kit, please make one combined donation.

4. Send

Place kit(s) in appropriate sized shipping package and send to:
The LifeSaver Kit Project
527 Patterson Creek Rd
Etna, CA 96027


(None of these items may be liquid)

Bandages (various sizes; recommended some 1-inch flexible)

Sterile gauze pads

Gauze roll

Pain relievers (asprin, bottle size 50 only)

Re-hydration drink mixes (powder gatorade, powerade etc)

Basatration or antibiotic ointment

Antifungal ointment

Coban 2″ self adhesive

Medical adhesive tape

Alcohol wipes

Bandage scissors

Exam gloves

Anti-diarrhea medication (Pepto Bismol chewable tablets or Immodium AD)

Tweezers (slant head)

Sterile swabs


Bar Soap (5 Mini bars per kit)



*Optional: If you would like to make these kits personal, please include a picture of yourself and a little note.