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These are a few photos from LKP distributions in Uganda in July 2012. Thirty kits were distributed in the slums of Kampala, at the base of a sewage facility, filth and disease-ridden. Because of the extreme poverty, it was requested that the LKP bags be given separately than the kits themselves so that more families could benefit. Another 30 kits were provided to an island village of Lake Victoria. This donation was not photo-documented, being that the kits were provided to a local pastor for distribution as he saw fit, being that passing them out to locals can often cause chaos. Thank you to all who were a part of this LKP mission.

First delivery by Nurses for Africa…more to come!




The LifeSaver Kit project has provided 60 medical kits to the Building Hope Foundation located in South  Africa. We have been working with Elzaan de Villiers to coordinate the distribution of kits among the    churches and villages. Here is a brief report…

“After the service, Hannes handed the medical packs to the organising Pastor of 8 churches. During that  time a woman who was shot twice in the leg, and whose wound was only covered by a sock, also received a medical pack to clean her wound and assist her in healing her heel. She was so glad!

Due to the poor weather which limited many of the activities, the medical packs could not be distributed as planned, but the new plan will result in a larger group of people being assisted and the church itself becoming a place of physical healing.”

LKP Distribution in Cambodia

By: Gloria Geockermann

“In November of 2012 I, along with two friends, had the privilege of taking into Cambodia, 30 lifesaver kits that Emily Loogman provided through her organization, “The Lifesaver Kit Project”.

We had no person, church, clinic or other destination planned for the kits.  We prayed that God would show us where He wanted them delivered.  We packed them into one large piece of luggage and carried them into Cambodia.

Several days after arriving in Phnom Penh, we were invited to lunch in a poor village where there are no hospitals, doctors, or pharmacies.  Before leaving we decided to take 15 of the kits with us.  We counted them out and left the remaining 15 in our room.

Numerous families showed up for lunch.  They had pooled their slim food resources to provide lunch for us.  After lunch, we explained, through a translator that we had medical kits available, but only one per family.  They wanted to accept them one at a time, in order to thank us personally.  So, one by one, we gave each family a kit. We did not know how many families there were.  When we finished, every family had a kit. There were exactly 15 families and 15 kits.  We were quite relieved to see that everyone had a kit.  We closed up the suitcase we had brought them in, and pushed it aside.

About 10 minutes later, one of my traveling companions pointed out a young woman who had just arrived.  She had with her an infant, about 2 weeks old.  She too was hoping for a kit.  I explained there were no more kits, but as I was speaking my friend was unzipping the suitcase that had contained the kits.  I repeated that I was sorry, but there were no more kits left.  Both my team member and I had seen the last kit delivered and together had closed up the empty suitcase.  But, to our amazement we looked down as she was unzipping the suitcase and there was another full Lifesaver Kit inside. We were shaking and crying with excitement.  We had witnessed a miracle that God had performed right before our eyes. We were able to present this young woman with a kit supplied directly from our Lord.

It’s a day we’ll never forget. We are in awe of the great God we serve.

We were told later that most of these families had never had any kind of a medical supply, it was a first for them.  They were most gracious and thankful.

The remaining 15 kits were given through a local church to the river people who had lost their homes and property from recent flooding.

Emily has seen a glimpse of God’s heart for the hurting of our world.  In John 2:5 Mary said to the servants “Do whatever he tells you”.  Emily is listening.”

Here are some pictures from the distribution of kits that went to Cambodia …

Report from Daily Audio Bible
WOW! The LifeSaver Kits were a SMASH HIT!
While we were in Rwanda, we discovered that the Bishop’s wife was a nurse. When we showed her the kits, she was thrilled. They plan to use them in rural settings in the Butare area of Rwanda. We left 7 Kits for them.
15 kits went to rural, rural Lesotho.
When we took them to the RURAL Bootong village in the Lesotho Mountains.We had a nurse on the trip with us, who went through the kit, and was able to share how to use the contents.Thank you very much!
You have a great ministry, and you have no idea, that even now, in a small village in Rwanda or Lesotho, someone may be feeling a little bit better from a cut, or a headache or some sort of illness, because you took the time, energy and love to put together the LifeSaver Kit Project.
We at the Daily Audio Bible, are so thankful for you, and the contribution you made to our recent time in Africa.
You’re a blessing.
Mike Greenberg
Daily Audio Bible Missions

This is the video of the first delivery of the Lifesaver Kit Project to Uganda. 75 kits (approx. $2,000 worth) are now in the hands of heartfelt strangers across the globe. Thank you very much to all the supporters of this project.

Awana Club: 12/15/10

The Awana Club of Scott Valley Berean Church raised over $400 worth of supplies for the Lifesaver Kits. These pictures are from the Awana store, the kids used their Awana bucks which they earned from memorizing verses to buy the medical supplies.


How it all began….