Summer 2012

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Summer 2012

This summer alone, the total of $6,000 was given to this cause, which has allowed the purchase of 270 medical kits and are all being delivered to several different countries…

150 to Zambia, 60 to Uganda, 30 to Cambodia, and 30 to Vietnam.

Another enormous blessing is that I have received a gift that has given me the opportunity to return back to Zambia on a medical missions trip with an organization called Nurses for Africa. I will be able to distribute these kits firsthand for the first time since starting this non profit. Thank you so much Nurses for Africa for finally making this a possibility for me!

These are a few photos from LKP distributions in Uganda in July 2012. Thirty kits were distributed in the slums of Kampala, at the base of a sewage facility, filth and disease-ridden. Because of the extreme poverty, it was requested that the LKP bags be given separately than the kits themselves so that more families could benefit. Another 30 kits were provided to an island village of Lake Victoria. This donation was not photo-documented, being that the kits were provided to a local pastor for distribution as he saw fit, being that passing them out to locals can often cause chaos. Thank you to all who were a part of this LKP mission.

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